5 tips to make your information easier to find

Örnsköldsvik base their work on search statistics

We have talked to Per-Olof Sedin and Rebecca Nordin, web editors at Örnsköldsvik Municipality, who shared five great tips to help website visitors find information when they search.

Per-Olof and Rebecca work actively a few hours each month to optimize their content using search statistics. In order to do this they use the search engine independent analysis service Visitors Voice which they think simplifies the process and helps them understand what they should do.

An example of a simple measure suggested by Visitors Voice and that has given good results regards when people search for things that exist only on your intranet (“telephony”, “webmail”, “IT Support”, “employee satisfaction survey”, “training card”, “first class “and the like). By adding keywords as metadata and supplementing the text on the login page of your intranet an estimated 20 – 30 more people each month now find what they are looking for when they search. The work itself took less than an hour to complete after Visitors Voice pointed out the problem.

Per-Olof and Rebecca’s 5 tips are:

“Focus on the keywords that most users have problems with first. And then work onwards.”

“Think of each keyword as a landing page that you want to get as many visitors as possible to click onwards from.”

“Remember to write headlines that also work for the search engine so your visitors understand what the page is about when it appears in the search result list.”

“Do not take it for granted that you know what your visitors want when they search for something. Observe how they act instead.”

“Create a routine where you make improvements each month, so results come in the long term.”

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