New release of Visitors Voice

Today we released a new version of Visitors Voice with some new features we believe will add great value to our clients.

  • Fix the search result for a cluster of search terms
  • Make a page easier to find
  • And many small UX improvements

Fix the search result for a cluster of search terms

When you are about to create a perfect search result for a broken search term you can at the same time apply the changes to all identified variants of the search term as well. If for example you add your support page on top of the result for “customer service”, in fact there are probably many more visitors using other search terms that also have problems.

Visitors Voice now shows all refinements so you can easily apply the same improvement for them as well. Visitors Voice will also show all search terms used by those that searched for “customer service” since they might have tried som other searches before or after they searched for “customer service”. Finally Visitors Voice will make a fuzzy search to find all similar search terms like “customer support”, “service desk” and similar. With this feature we belive we have at least doubled the experienced customer value with Visitors Voice.

Make a page easier to find

Whenever you create a new page or add a new product you might want to make sure this comes first for a couple of search terms. Lets say you add a new page with a new report, you might want to make sure this page comes first on certain keywords. This can now easily be done in Visitors Voice. You simply get the page from the search index and add the keywords. Visitors Voice will also show similiar search terms so you can add them too.


With the new automation feature you can let Visitors Voice automatically improve the search results of bad performing search terms. You choose how much you want Visitors Voice to influence the search result and how many of the worst performing search terms you allow Visitors Voice to affect every time. You will then get an email after each time Visitors Voice has crunched your search statistics with all improvements made.

Small UX improvements

We regularly conduct user tests of Visitors Voice and make improvements based on our findings in order to make it as easy as possible to use Visitors Voice. In this release we have made many small improvements that you might not notice, but that is the point – using Visitors Voice should let you focus on your tasks at hand, not the UX.

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