That is why we sponsor the Search API Solr module

Since june 2014 we sponsor the Search API Solr module. There are no strings attached, and we sponsor the maintainer Thomas Seidl a.k.a Drunken Monkey with a couple of hours every month that he can spend as he likes. It could be bug fixing, features asked for or working on the Drupal 8 version.

We do this for three reasons:

  • It is good for our business that this module works well and that more organizations start using it, since they are all potential users of Visitors Voice
  • We believe it is great marketing for us since we get publicity on the module website
  • We get a close dialouge about what is happening and can add our ideas to the roadmap

We can’t help thinking this is a great example of how commerce and community cooperate in a fair and balanced way.

It is not much according to us and hopefully we can do more in the future. But being quite new to the Drupal community, we are a bit surprised that there are so many companies depending on great site search in Drupal that relies on Thomas and the search team’s hard work on their free time without pitching in.

What would happen to their business if “George” just stopped? Oh, by the way – if you want to contribute – read this.

Succeesful site search projects

Learn what it takes to be succeesful with your site search.

In this guide we share our experience from more than 100 site search projects.

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