The business case of site search

Step one is to consider the business benefits for the search function, that is, how it will create value for the organization that will provide it. Make a rough, but cautious estimate of how much money or time/resources are possible to make on a new search function.

Business case for e-commerce

Products that cannot be found cannot be bought!

Therefore: a good search function means increased sales and customer loyalty.

A business case for ecommerce can be based on today’s number of searches and the total number of search conversions. Then create a number of samples and estimate how much you can increase the conversion of these. Halve, then your estimated increase to create a good margin and you will probably get closer to the truth. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Business case for websites

For a website where customers, partners, suppliers, citizens, employees or others attempt to solve different tasks this may involve reduced costs or resources for customer service and support, increased customer satisfaction, effective marketing and the like.

It can sometimes be difficult measure the business benefits for a new search function on a website in financial terms, but then it usually works to count the benefits of saved time / resources instead. If the number of help desk calls is reduced, then you can spend time instead on producing better documentation that can be searched for. Most users do not want to pick up the telephone, but rather use the search function if they believe they will find what they are looking for.

Business case for intranets

For an intranet the search function business benefits usually point to facilitating contacts and collaboration between employees as well as reducing the time spent searching or reproducing information already available in the organization.

And then what?

When you have a credible business case, you should of course be sure to establish it firmly with the right people at all levels. You then have an excellent basis for implementing the feasibility study in how to realize the business benefits.

Succeesful site search projects

Learn what it takes to be succeesful with your site search.

In this guide we share our experience from more than 100 site search projects.

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